hypnotism is a advanced way of commanding people to do what you wont. when you do this you are talking to the subcontinent mind. this gives you the ability to make your word instinctual on the person you are preforming this on. you can do lots of things that can ether help or harm this person.swerl

advirtisors are the number one users of this. they make you fell that you wont this item. they also use it in anti smoking commercials. they can make you relax or make you feel confident. you need to be sertifide to have a job doing that.

they use objects to have the person to focus on so they are easier to relax. there is many things you can do with this.

you can mute there voice, or make them loud. this practices is fun and can help a lout of people. so you should learn.hypno


A great teacher is a teacher how is funny and can take a joke he/she should give a minimal amount of work that is fare for all students. A good teacher should watch each student to see if they can keep up with the others and help them catch up and be able to understand there capabilities. Mister Fernley Is a funny English teacher how is strict but vary resunbul he is kind and is funny in class. He gives us interesting easements that can be enjoyable.

Miss Hass is our science teacher she can be very strict her assiments are hard but if you pay attention and really don’t understand she will help you. On you birthday she will give you a homework pass that is vary useful. She helps me with other assiments that aren’t even science she is very nice for that.

Miss Sparely Is very kind and pashent with her students you could yell at her and she will still be calm. She gives her students gifts all the time and was the first teacher to win the imperials exhalents reword. She helps you with every assailment all you have to do is ask a lot of students depend on her a lot of the time if she where to retire we would go crazy. She lets us eat and drink and class and she cares about all of us more than a teacher should we all like her a lot and so do the other teachers. She is very nice to have a conversation with and she will stay after school to help you with your assiments and she has even given me rides home before because she is just nice like that.

I think students take teachers for garnet a lot so we should show a lot of our apreteation not just on teacher’s apreteation week we should show it all the time. They will enjoy it if you show it and they help us so much so we should always aepreteat them all the time and when they retired we will remember how much help they were to all of us all the time. So apeiteat your teachers all the time and when you grow up and have a good job and life you can thank them.

animal shelter

animals all over are being abused all all over the world they are beaten and tossed out for no reason. animals every day are being put down because animals shelters find them to violent to be adopted but this is not there fault after being beaten and neglected they grow to fear humans.

they need your help if they are going to make it they need a nice worm home with people how will love them we need to come together to help them before it is to late we can still give them hope.

if you cant adopt one you can still help. you can donate monies to the local animal shelter help them live happier lives even if it is just a pennies you can still make a big difference in there lives.

indangerd animals

the tiger population is constantly decreasing do to illegal pouching  the numbers of the tiger population is dramatically falling and if we do not do something soon they will be all gone . we need to help save these species.

the tiger is one of the endanger species

the tiger is one of the endanger species

the tiger is not the only engender species there is also the panda its numbers are falling dramatically to evry day more and more are falling each day.

this is another endanger species called the panda

this is another endanger species called the panda

we need to work together and help save these animals or it will soon be to late help by donating to wild life reserves and they can give them the help  they need with our help we can save them.

help them today before it is to late

help them today before it is to late

Stop animal crulity

Every day animals across the world are being beaten and neglected. animals also get put down for lashing out at people because they are afraid of getting beaten. when i was little we rescued a dog that was being neglected and we had to put it down because it bit my sister for fear she would hurt him. Endanger animals are also dying every day do to illegal pouching people need to work together to stop all of this animal cruelty. soon if we don’t stop this we may lose more and more species of animals and never be ab-ail to get them back.

Dog on chain for 10 years

in this story a dog is chain out side for 10 years and was finely rescued by people how card she is now vary shy and is not like normal dogs.this is vary sad.